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Odds are I'd rather be at a Taylor Swift concert or watching Grey's Anatomy. #TAMU20 • ΓΦΒ • Nashville Secret Session•


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water is rly that bitch. zero calories, hydrating, home for fish, beautiful in nature, etc. like she did NOT have t… https://t.co/O4RV9tBsaa

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so he has taste https://t.co/jO3CB5V990

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THE CLAPPING IM SO BABY https://t.co/CefajuksU4

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@Natalya Natalya @NatalyaRobles13


@Natalya Natalya @NatalyaRobles13


@Natalya Natalya @NatalyaRobles13


@Natalya Natalya @NatalyaRobles13

I know!!! WOW

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enchanted #repTourMetlife https://t.co/6EEWYfmTKb

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Taylor Swift finally sang Enchanted tonight and life literally has never been better https://t.co/FXuUpjvT8Q

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I know she didn't play it because of this tweet, but a girl can dream right??/ https://t.co/grPtLdeKce

@Natalya Natalya @NatalyaRobles13

WELL.....look at that https://t.co/grPtLdeKce