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Every juror in America is told, “If you find that any witness has lied as to any material fact, you may disregard…

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Disney movies are better than literally every other kind of movie

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Zero. Like today and every day. Now ask Planned Parenthood.

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RT @brettbmartin: @joell51868 @PrestonSpeaks @Simple_Solution I would fail at every foster. We had a dog wander into our yard one day a few…

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RT @zimqualisin: This is the tiny hand of my nephew, Edison. He spent a short 10 months on this earth. There was God given value to every s…

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please don't kill him yoongi... also i missed this man swearing every three seconds

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@ClydeSSB I get what previous called was trying to say. BR hasn’t managed to really win a game when Celtic weren’t…

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RT @NARAL: Someone is sexually assaulted in the United States every 98 seconds. #MeToo #SAAM

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RT @menakazem_: imagine if my life was stable and i didnt feel like crying every 20 minutes

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Every time I pick up some hair clippers I forget I don’t know what tf I’m doing

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RT @AdvanzeedGear: Fast #Fortnite 4x bundle giveaway Retweet this follow @BattleRoyaleUK (WE WILL DOUBLE CHECK IF U FOLLOW 1 winner eve…

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every time i hear of a new band i look it up on scaruffi's website

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@yngcasss @AceHighOFFICIAL Real shit fuck Facebook that shit banned ur whole face, we ain't need that evil. I'm del…

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RT @TomiLahren: Do you realize the police show up to protect people of all races and ethnicities and put THEIR lives on the line to do so?…

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RT @EthanDolan: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you I appreciate every single one of you. You make me happy. I tried not to s…

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Watch as soon as i get this other job ima be right back in school.. I just thank God every thing finally coming together

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RT @BratDollsPatron: Should @DakotaCharms become a Simpson’s character? Also, that’s a very big Duff she has there (if you don’t mind me s…

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RT @AlisonForKY: Research suggests that safe and regulated #MedicalCannabis made accessible nationwide could save up to 10,000 lives every…

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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other. -Dickens