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Blackhawks (and hockey in general) fan. Blues and Jazz fan. Reformed IMCA Modified crew chief. Unreformed senior Chief Warrant Officer.


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Eventful 4th inning for Michael Kopech *6-3 groundout *HBP - benches emptied *Picks off runner at first *8th strik… https://t.co/wgK5sPbiUU

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You already do

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Psssst: It is possible to follow people with opposing political beliefs, and not act like assholes towards them. https://t.co/wF2a1vy9a4

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August 16 ... a truly sad day in the music world with the passing of two legends 😢 1977: Elvis Presley, the “King… https://t.co/pskPCKfeTs

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I watch football to get away from politics. Thanks a lot

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Hmmm, perhaps

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I don't understand why they don't lose their clearances when leaving active government employment. And th… https://t.co/84z5dGgSOe

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Just here for the ratio https://t.co/qKf4VrUnax

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Mo is right. We're losing our humanity https://t.co/O9rKU48QW6

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The problem with people asking this question is...being 'great' doesn't mean being 'perfect'. America has always,… https://t.co/YycEqqfleo

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Yes, some people are horrible and say terrible things. However, if you're in favor of their idea getting suppressed… https://t.co/Yy9UhGBWcQ

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Twenty Grand original cost #PalosVerdes #Concours @CSRussell69 @tassiekeith @brucetroxell #wildbillphoto @tigw9598… https://t.co/aEYFP2sCVz

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#PeakMillennial Couple Bikes Through ISIS Territory to Prove ‘Humans Are Kind’ and Gets Killed https://t.co/IFuVAFdOjZ

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There's a bad pic there?