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@he’s meditating guys, he’s died he’s meditating guys, he’s died @yslgguk

using the fact that they sing in korean as a drag when they’re nothing but proud of us for the work we put into lea… https://t.co/nOnJo2f7nk

@dayana dayana @producerknj

He got tht “i educated myself and living my best life” typa glow u kno? https://t.co/Oxw85rRfjx

@🍓semi/ia 🍓semi/ia @gothkv

not when kim taehyung exists https://t.co/OnpcBFdOKw

@💛 💛 @solonamjoon

the day joon publishes his first book it's over for u bitches

@mickey mickey @gaycult

that bitch is so little and for what https://t.co/fEzh6vQ8Er

@💧 💧 @hobybIo

Listen to our president Kim Namjoon teaching the South Careereans that they shouldn't use the n-word https://t.co/lDY514yZ7G

@namu namu @rmsoIos

hes so socially aware and self aware i literally dont wanna hear any of yalls shit again, this man has grown. hes l… https://t.co/rFGdq0YX7F

@elena. elena. @billytae_cyrus

name a more iconic mother/son duo I’ll wait https://t.co/zMDXgr6u6N

@My Name Is My Name My Name Is My Name @IsaaxGutierrez

I may be mistaken here, but I’m fairly sure every season is deodorant season. https://t.co/hfAI6on50l

@aida aida @jinpathy

"all members are currently preparing mixtapes" tf ??? seven mixtapes?? bold of them to think we'll be alive after the first two

@joon🍊 joon🍊 @nams_twt

joon just basically informed the entire kpop industry that the n word is harmful for them to use, so these idols re… https://t.co/ruyx0LUhUy

@namu namu @rmsoIos

joon basically just put it out there that the n word is not for yall. your favorite idol literally doesnt have an e… https://t.co/9bD0bhbhQW

@ahna, the yoontopian NSFR ahna, the yoontopian NSFR @yoonseph

one day we gon unpack why so many of y’all are opposed to Asian people making space for themselves in an industry t… https://t.co/apyHfFCDk4

@leia | nsfr leia | nsfr @namjoonIgbt

y-yes my queen I will do anything for you https://t.co/ItpngsM0xJ

@lgbt jesus lgbt jesus @jmlgbt

the way yoongi says puppy ????? fucking getting on my uwus